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Startup Grind New York City Hosts Paul English ( and Blade)

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Paul English, and Blade

Paul English is CEO and Co-founder of Blade, a company which will co-found 2-3 consumer technologies startups each year in Boston.

Previously, Paul was CTO and Co-founder of KAYAK, and previous to that Paul was President of Boston Light Software, an ecommerce company sold to Intuit, where Paul then served as VP Technology.

Paul is a Director of Partners In Health and Village Health Works, both organizations providing quality health care to populations of extreme poverty.

Paul was briefly an entrepreneur in-residence at Greylock, a co-founder and Director of Intermute, the founder of GetHuman, the founder of the World Xiangqi League, cofounder and Chairman of Mancala, Inc., Senior Vice President of Engineering and Product Management at Interleaf. He also did contract programming for the US Air Force, operations research programming for Data General, programming for a medical device company, and even some video game software and sound-effect development.

Paul received a BS and MS in computer science from University of Massachusetts. Paul regularly lectures on entrepreneurship topics at Boston-area universities, and was named Chief Technology Officer of the year by Mass Technology Leadership Council in 2009. Paul has been an advisor to LinkedIn, ELERTS, FanSnap, Roost, and Pixable.


6:30 Networking w/ Food & Drinks
7:00 Fireside Chat w/ Paul English
8:00 Mix & Mingle Afterparty

Hosted By Peter Crysdale, New York City Chapter Director

Peter is the Founder/CEO of StrategyHack (, running marketing strategy hackathons for startups and professional marketers. He has a diverse background with 8+ years experience spanning engineering, social good and technology startups. In his spare time, he enjoys day dreaming and cross country skiing.
Email: [masked] | Twitter: @PCrysdale (

Hosted By Joshua Ness, Director of Marketing & Operations

Josh is a growth strategist in the New York City startup community. He's currently the strategy lead for a strategy startup, and he thinks that's pretty meta.
Email: [masked] | Twitter: @jcness (

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