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Jasmeet Sawhney (YibLab)



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Jasmeet is a serial entrepreneur and ‘Modern Marketing’ expert with deep roots in technology and data analytics. He is currently CEO of YibLab, which is one of the fastest growing marketing technology and solutions provider, ranked Top 50 among fastest growing companies in NJ. YibLab combines data, technology and storytelling to help clients make the most effective use of their marketing budgets. Jasmeet has over 15 years of experience building and scaling marketing operations for both small and large companies. He is an advisor and mentor to startups and incubator programs, and is often quoted in media & trade publications.


06:30 PM Networking and Food

07:30 PM Fireside Chat

08:30 PM Networking

Hosted By David Stengle, Princeton Director,f_auto,g_center,h_700,q_auto:good,w_700/v1/softlayer0/80135C1/media/v1/AUTH_d0619b05-07fc-49f0-8249-da585ea45ce5/avatars/david_stengle.jpg

My passions include startups, data science, and coffee.

I live in downtown Princeton with my wife, Karin, and our two children.

Twitter: @davidstengle ( Global Partner,f_auto,g_center,h_100,q_auto:good/v1/softlayer0/80135C1/media/v1/AUTH_d0619b05-07fc-49f0-8249-da585ea45ce5/sponsors/google_for_entrepreneurs_-_final.png (

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252 Nassau Street, 2nd floor · Princeton, NJ
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