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Startup Grind "Brand x Impact Hour" - Powered by BRIM

Impact Hub Stockholm



Every year, brands spend an enormous half a trillion dollars on ads that consumers have become experts at dodging - thanks to BRIM, now there is a solution out there for meaningful storytelling for brands and impact making for consumers - in one go!

Welcome to our Launch Mingle for the "Brand x Impact Hour" in collaboration with BRIM, the world's first brand-powered impact platform!

⭐ Meet brand leaders, impact experts, and changemakers

⭐ See how brands and impact sector are tackling some of the burning issues facing the planet

⭐ Find out ways to help faster progression to Agenda 2030 goals - what can you do to make it happen

⭐ Learn how you can fund the causes & SDGs you believe in with brand money

⭐ Get a chance to shape the future of brands with your ideas and suggestions

⭐ Mingle with fellow changemakers to create impact initiatives together

What to expect: 

  • Why we need "Brand x Impact Hour" presentation

  • Speed mingle for attendees x featured brand & impact leaders

  • Story creation moment

  • Initiative creation moment

  • Discussion moment

  • Mingle, drinks, & snacks

How to register: 

  • book your "free" ticket

  • create your first post on BRIM on an impact topic

  • submit an idea to the participating brand or impact organization (top 3 ideas will be selected for live discussion on the event)

  • show your ticket, post, & idea at the reception when you arrive

Information about the initiative:

"Brand x Impact Hour" is a collaboration between Startup Grind x BRIM

Impact Hub Stockholm is the community partner for the "Brand x Impact Hour"

Get in touch with Amanda Berglund ([masked]) for more details



Hosted By

Naimul Abd, Director Startup Grind Stockholm

Startup and ecosystems specialist, impact entrepreneur and venture-builder, and a career marketing director and consultant - Naimul Abd has worked across several business verticals, advised dozens of multinational companies, built high-growth businesses and consulting organizations, and is actively involved in startup and impact ecosystem in Stockholm. Currently a business advisor at Coompanion Stockholm (a Startup Grind Stockholm partner) - he coaches more than 500 startup founders annually, is responsible for partner relations, and organizes dozens of startup events every year. He is also building an early-stage startup portfolio through his venture-builder Globalities. Naimul believes in the power of imagination and sees startup founders as problem solvers for the world. He loves to make music in his free time and some of his work is available on Spotify and other online stores.

Jens Wernborg, Mentor Stockholm Chapter

Over 21 years of experience doing business with companies in Hong Kong, China and India across a wide range of industries.

Have worked with companies to successfully increase sales, save costs through purchasing and outsourcing, establish local presences, recruit and train staff and use digitalization to improve their productivity.

Always looking for ways to streamline and make businesses more efficient using digital tools and services. Knows how to get things done.

Amanda Berglund, Social Media Lead Startup Grind Stockholm

I’m a communicator and entrepreneur who thrives on circular economy and sustainable development. My career is shaped around my love for the written word and the strong will to participate in a force for good. These characteristics are mirrored in my own two startups and the three I’s – Initiative, Information and Impact. I am always up for connecting with creative and strong minds within the innovative world. Feel free to contact me regarding events and areas around marketing, storytelling and how to make your brand purposeful.

Marina Nart, Community Ambassador Startup Grind Stockholm

I am a sustainability and SDGs expert with a background on the science of Sustainability and a passion for entrepreneurship.

#systemchange #sciencebased #kindness are my core values.

I have founded the Go Beyond 2030 Project to help entrepreneurs, freelancers and start-ups to align their business with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).and #gobeyond them. I am also a guest lecturer at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology at the Faculties of Architecture and Sustainable Urban Planning and Design.

I have the pleasure to be the Community Ambassador for Start-UP Grind Stockholm where I contribute making Sustainable Impact the core of our local community's "why".

Beril Kocadereli, Community Ambassador Startup Grind Stockholm

Master’s student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.

A tech enthusiast, eager to solve problems and making the world a better place. Interested in impact startups and sustainability.

Motivated life-long learner. President of International Group at KTH. Volunteered in 10 countries during the gap year and gained valuable experiences in a wide range of organizations involving different sectors. Active facilitator of #IamRemarkable, a Google initiative to support minorities to vocalize their achievements.

Blogging on Medium to analyze current business best practices: medium.com/@bkocadereli.

Vinod Thomas, Strategic Initiatives Lead Startup Grind Stockholm

Business strategy consultant connecting the dots between business growth and technology transformation.

I am a Partner and Head of Consulting at VentureBean Consulting, working with startup and growth-stage companies on idea validation, growth strategy and fund-raising. I regularly meet with 2-3 new companies per week and this gives me an evolving perspective into how businesses are striving to solve real-world problems.

As Strategic Initiatives Lead for Startup Grind Stockholm, my focus is to engage with impact startups and enable value-delivery to them through the ecosystem of peers, partners and investor communities.

I am an avid reader and lifelong learner and no topic is off limits. Happy to shoot the breeze over coffee to network, brainstorm ideas or for intellectually challenging conversations.

Sokol Vjerdha, Startups Lead Startup Grind Stockholm


Simple, although quite a task to achieve, collectively! A vision in the making!

Failed? Plenty. Learnings to go: As many as the screws are at the IKEA.

From university department ambassador, country representative to mentor, innovation grant co-holder and entrepreneur in residence. Involved with the entrepreneurship ecosystems, more focused on responsibility, longshooters, ecosystem, scalability and SaaS.

One of the favorite quotes:
“Because we don’t think about future generations, they will never forget us.” by Henrik Tikkanen.

Aleksandra Hansen, Partnerships Lead Startup Grind Stockholm



Brim Global AB (https://www.brim.global/)

Brim is the world's first brand-powered impact platform channeling more than half a trillion dollars in ad spend to Agenda 2030.

Impact Hub Stockholm (http://www.impacthub.se)

Impact Hub Stockholm is a collaborative work space where the collective action of its diverse members accelerates inspiration into realization - creating a sustainable impact in the local community and far beyond. We are part of a global network of connected communities that enable collaborative ventures. Impact Hubs unite people from every profession, background and culture with imagination and drive to pursue enterprising ideas for the world.


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