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🇯🇵 女性の才能をフルに開花させるエコシステムの創造!
Startup Ladyは、起業、副業、兼業を考えているまたはすでに行っている女性、リーダーシップのある女性に、質の高いグローバルネットワーク、アドバイザー/メンター/業界のプロの教育、メディアサポートを提供する女性スタートアップのグループです。



まだ自分の情熱の対象が見つかっていない人も、起業しようとしている人も、世界に自分のストーリーを発信したい人も、Startup Ladyは皆さんを応援します。

✨✨✨✨✨Startup Ladyは、ベータ版会員システムを開始しました。





🌎 Creating an ecosystem that empowers women to reach their full potential.

Startup Lady is a network that provides 360° support for women who are current and future entrepreneurs, women who wish to start their own side-jobs or parallel work, as well and for those who want to something new.

We believe there’s a need for a community among entrepreneurial-minded women providing a safe space for passions to be heard and realized. Believe you can start something and start the journey you want to take with us! Our events and socials wish to achieve just that.

What better way to experience this while meeting and hearing entrepreneurs and their various projects and journeys up until this point in their life. There’s no need to worry about language barriers because our bilingual events provide live translation, as well as a chance for you to practice your English and Japanese. Our aim is to create this space for you so one day, you too, can bring your own story to us and to the world.

So whether you are still trying to find what you are passionate about, on your way to achieving it, or ready to show it to the world; Startup Lady is here, and we got your back!

✨✨✨✨✨We have launched our BETA SL Membership that includes exclusive discovery monthly drop-ins to our Co-working Space Partners, the opportunity to pick and learn from the brains of our experienced Mentors of all industries who have successfully started up their own businesses and have employed teams of people, the chance to join Mastermind groups and exclusive events to Members-only events.

https://startuplady.org/membership (https://startuplady.org/membership?fbclid=IwAR3Tr0NXrnIRZFi9WUIK_HwmXS9d_Ow4S8NohIebDrzQq9gW3P6lVP0OXaQ)


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Startup Lady Night

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