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Hello! I'm business lawyer Paul Swegle. This group is all about startup law and fundraising. That's the name of a talk I've given 25 times in 15 cities and my second book - Startup Law and Fundraising (https://www.amazon.com/dp/0578236702).

We used to do happy hour Meetups around Seattle. Then things got crazy. We're virtual for now.

Virtual Meetups are great though! Easier to attend, including for awesome guest speakers. They're also greener and the drinks are cheaper!

Whatever we're doing, always bring your questions, your experiences, and your expertise on anything having to do with creating, launching, and funding startups:

• What's the right type of entity to form - corporation or LLC?

• How do I form and govern it?

• What should a founder do to protect his or her intellectual property before forming the company?

• What things should co-founders consider before working together?

• How should founder equity be divided up?

• What kinds of agreements should founders sign with each other and their companies?

• How do founders and startups protect intellectual property under trademark, trade secret, patent and copyright law?

• How do founders bring on early investors?

• What are the different ways of raising money?

• How do startups successfully raise money and comply with the securities laws?

• What kinds of legal and regulatory mistakes to founders and startups make most often?

Join the group. It's free. It's easy. No obligation. Hope to see you!

-Paul Swegle

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Let's meet up and talk about startups and fundraising!

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