What we're about

Many of us wish to jump start with our ideas as entrepreneurs but for various reasons cannot take that bold step and move forward. We call this as "ambiguity". The first step to this is to be sure if my idea is truly potential and has some value in market. That needs a dip check even before going for a market test. This group is bring all such aspiring entrepreneurs who are targeting for a startup or wish to scale up their existing startup. Its all about getting the THOUGHT and SCOPE of work clear in mind with the support of like minds, experts, advisors and then moving forward. Wireframe, MVP, Prototype, UAT, Business Case all of this will come later.

The intent of this group is to support and enable the team members to transition from each stage to the next one as given below:

Stage 1 - Ideation

Stage 2 - Drafting my Idea

Stage 3 - Validation (Pulse Check)

Stage 4 - Business Case

Stage 5 - Deployment Plan

Of course the final objective is to graduate on the idea and complete the cycle of startup to scale-up with the help of advisors, accelerators and investors collectively

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