What we're about

Looking to discover the Seattle tech entrepreneurship community?

This Meetup features a wide range of events focusing on the intersection of technology and startups, such as:
(a) speaking events featuring innovators and leaders,
(b) workshops about the fundamentals of product, marketing, customer success, financing, etc., or
(c) competitions (e.g. hackathons) to mix it up with people from multiple disciplines

This Meetup is ideal for those who wish to learn about common topics in entrepreneurship, meet a future co-founder, employee, board member, investor, etc., share your product or company with the community, or find a like-minded individual and work to chip away at the "Seattle Freeze."

Past events (36)

Indie Hackers Seattle

Needs a location

Build Your App Without Code

Needs a location

Finding Your Path to Product Market Fit with GrowthX

Needs a location

[Partner Event] AI++ Startup Weekend @ Bellevue

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