What we're about

We are a community of founders, engineers, makers, technologists, business people, professionals, and many more who come together to learn, contribute, and enhance the startup scene in Silicon Valley.

Our mission is to provide anyone who is interested in starting or growing a company with the knowledge, help, and connections they need to move to the next stage of their startup life. We want to help founders enhance their strengths and tackle their weaknesses, and in doing so help them build a collaborative startup community.

Silicon Valley is the startup capital of the world. Founders from other parts of the country as well as other parts of the world also travel to the area to find out what is so unique about Silicon Valley and learn more about the startup culture here

With the availability of the Internet, anyone from any location can learn the startup culture from far away places, and in the process, start their own mini-Silicon Valley at home.

We believe in the philosophy of paying it forward, working together, sharing resources, and engaging with each others to share ideas.

Our events will feature advisors, mentors, networking events, collaboration, and knowledge transfer.

Join now to start learning and sharing knowledge about the startup culture here in Silicon Valley.

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