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Create, shoot, edit, produce and premiere your 30 hours. All to be shot on mobile phones, tablets, smart phones and whatever portable devices participants bring with them.

Second event of its kind in the world :)

Here are participant comments following the first event...

"This was one of the best events I've been to! Learned a lot, met really great people and walked away with new skills and experience. Can't wait until the next one!" - Sumer G.

"This was such a blast and I'm so happy I participated. I've got the documentary/filmmaking bug now. You've got me hooked. I can't wait for the next DW #2. Great job everyone! :)" - Cecilia

"This event exceeded my expectations by far! I enjoyed the pace and the knowledge that was shared via discussion, in practice and from our guest speaker." - Wayne W.

Here's the fantastic documentaries the four teams created during the first Documentary Weekend:

November 14 & 15, 2014 - space for 24 people

You say you wanna be in pictures? You should be at Documentary Weekend.

Documentary Weekend brings together people passionate about all things film, movies, documentaries and making cool stuff. Whether you’ve thought about filming, dabbled in the art, created a film or just want to do something fun, Documentary Weekend is the perfect event for making your dream a reality or just simply having a blast.

At Documentary Weekend, you’ll plan, shoot, edit and premiere your documentary before a live audience, all in just 30 hours. Are you a camera person. An editor? A props person. A designer? An actor or aspiring actor? Got a great eye for composition? No matter what your background or experience, this event is your event. Come share ideas, form teams and create your own documentary.

What's up doc?
Documentary weekend is an 30-hour event where people with no experience whatsoever AND producers, actors, editors, directors, and film crews come together to share ideas, inspire one another, form teams, create then premiere their work. Got a film background or no experience at all? Either way, it works. Want to learn about creating a documentary? This event is for you.

Who are you, who the #$%^& are you?
You start Friday evening. Interactive exercises help identify talent, skills, experience you have and helps warm up participants for working together. Exercises also uncover creative ideas people are jonesing to showcase through film. You’ll get a sense of who you’ll want to work with. On Saturday you form teams, then those teams are assigned documentary topics, and then it gets wild. It’s all fun!

It's boffo.
By dinner Saturday evening, the showcase begins and the fun continues: the entire evening is dedicated to premiering each teams five minute documentary! Audience participation - feedback and Q&A - provide you with instant and valuable knowledge and information. The premiere is part crowdsourced jury and mass celebration. Every team wins. Every documentary is honored. You win.

You should do this thing.
Documentary weekend is learning by doing. Through the actual film development process, you will learn hands on what it takes to produce a documentary in an accelerated time frame. No theory, no exams, no pontificating blow-hards. Just making your documentary. It’s a great opportunity to kick your ass into gear, if you’ve been telling yourself you’ll get around to it. If you’ve made film before, great! Come share your skills and knowledge.

Expand your network.
It takes a team to make a film. Everyone attending Documentary Weekend attends for a few reasons: They are people all wanting to work on a real project. They want to share their knowledge, gain knowledge or both. They want to meet others with shared interests. Documentary Weekend is about real projects. Knowing Documentary Weekend attendees instantly adds more contacts to your network, contacts, who could make a difference in your aspirations. Who knows? You may meet the one person you need to get that break you want!

Build a team.
No foolin’. You’re going to meet talented folks. You might just walk away with a new team of people to make your real dream project well, real.

Build skills.
No experience? This event is a great opportunity to build a batch of worthwhile, real-world skills that will stay with you the rest of your life.

Make a documentary.
Duh. Maybe you’ve been wanting to make a documentary. Here’s your chance to replace promises with results. Get started.

Be the next Michael Moore...only thinner.

Have fun.
Does this really need an explanation? Seriously, grab a cold beer and think about it.

What to Bring
1) Your own happy and funky self
2) Your smart phone (iPhone & Android cameras)
3) Laptop, if you have video editing software on it


Friday & Saturday November 14 & 15, 2014

4:30-5:30 Check-in, dinner, networking, housekeeping, & speaker - You’ll meet others, get the lay of the land and check in with us. Oh, dinner too!

5:30-8:45 Documentary #1 - create, edit & transfer - our ice-breaker project. You'll love it

8:45-10:00 World Premieres Documentary #1 - You’ll introduce your project then share it with your peers!

End day one

9:00-9:30 Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee - We’ll have fruit, muffins, doughnuts and other food plus coffee and water.

9:30-10:00 Speakers - Morning speakers will share critical info for making a documentary:

10:00-10:30 Topics, team drawing, instructions, questions, very few answers - documentary topics will be revealed!

10:30-6:30 Go start filming Documentary #2, and editing

6:30 Video thumb-drive hand-off to for computer download transfer

6:30-7:00 Dinner, Welcome back & speaker - Speaker TBD

7:00-9:00 World Premieres Documentary #2 - Your team will regale us about the adventurous fun you had creating what we’re about to see!

Wrap up, go home

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This'll be fast, cheap and out of control.

Everything is subject to change. Event Hashtag: #docweekend

Here's the fantastic documentaries the four teams created during the first Documentary Weekend:

RSVP now, space is limited to 24 people