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Do you want to meet like-minded entrepreneurs? Grow your project? And even find co-founders or partners? Join this startup meetup group!

This meetup facilitates casual networking events, startup lectures, and monthly online pitching events. We also feature events offered by the community (that’s you!).

Our activities

- “Featured Startup Pitching Online” is our flagship monthly webinar. Every month we create a pitching event in a local ecosystem that is looking for foreign investment.

What is StartupBlink?

StartupBlink is a global startup ecosystem map and research center. You can add your startup, coworking space or organization for free: https://www.startupblink.com/dublin-startups

StartupBlink runs 26 local Meetup chapters with over 25,000 entrepreneurs globally. In addition, StartupBlink is ranking the startup ecosystems of over 100 countries and 1,000 cities, in a report downloaded by tens of thousands of decision-makers. Here is a link to download our latest annual report and find out where your city and country are ranked: https://report.startupblink.com

StartupBlink works with dozens of municipalities and government organizations to develop and promote their local startup ecosystems. If you are a public sector ecosystem developer, let’s work together: https://ecosystempartnership.startupblink.com

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This group is partnered with Findexable - researching fintech companies around the world and publishing the first real-time ranking of all cities where there’s a cluster of fintech companies https://findexable.com/

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Startups Driving Sustainability - January 2022 Showcase

Online event


Every month StartupBlink Curators brings you the most interesting startup events online or in your city or globally.


This event is hosted by Understory

Follow this link for the more information about Understory:

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4 Innovators, 10 minute presentations, 1 hour virtual event.

Understory invites you to meet four organizations using technology, science, and innovative processes to accelerate sustainable change across industries. We showcase a wide variety of companies across the sustainability landscape. Learn from other companies and industries through their stories of doing good through business.

We have four impressive speakers for our January event, bringing perspectives from numerous industries and roles. All are founders and leaders transforming their industries while making a huge environmental impact:

Joey Shea, Manager Mission Activation at Interface - modeling a carbon neutral business, paving the way for a carbon negative future
Jakob Levin, Co-Founder of Seqana- delivering critical tools for carbon sequestration projects
May Al-Karooni, Founder & CEO of Globechain - powering reuse and redistribution of unneeded items
Raul Engelke, CEO of e-Mission - delivering engaging corporate sustainability and ESG training
We are kicking off the new year with some of our favorite themes - net zero, carbon sequestration, the circular economy, and sustainability education. If you haven't already heard the Interface story, it's one not to miss. The company has been working toward an environmentally sustainable future for almost 40 years. Discover how entrepreneurs are using technology tools and marketplaces to reduce both carbon and waste. Gain best practices for diffusing sustainability knowledge through your organization.

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INSEAD Workshop: Venture Capital, Business Angels, and Starts Ups

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