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Do you want to meet like-minded entrepreneurs? Grow your project? And even find co-founders or partners? Join this startup meetup group!
This meetup facilitates casual networking events, startup lectures, and monthly online pitching events. We also feature events offered by the community (that’s you!).
Our activities
- “Featured Startup Pitching Online” is our flagship monthly webinar. Every month we create a pitching event in a local ecosystem that is looking for foreign investment.
What is StartupBlink?
StartupBlink is a global startup ecosystem map and research center. You can add your startup, coworking space or organization for free: https://www.startupblink.com/startups/toronto+canada
StartupBlink runs 26 local Meetup chapters with over 25,000 entrepreneurs globally. In addition, StartupBlink is ranking the startup ecosystems of over 100 countries and 1,000 cities, in a report downloaded by tens of thousands of decision makers. Here is a link to download our latest annual report and find out where your city and country are ranked: https://report.startupblink.com
StartupBlink works with dozens of municipalities and government organizations to develop and promote their local startup ecosystems. If you are a public sector ecosystem developer, let’s work together: https://ecosystempartnership.startupblink.com
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This group is partnered with Findexable - researching fintech companies around the world and publishing the first real-time ranking of all cities where there’s a cluster of fintech companies https://findexable.com/
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All meetups are hosted in accordance with the terms of use posted on https://www.startupblink.com/blog/terms-conditions/

Upcoming events (2)

Building Information Security Teams and Practices for Growth Stage Startups

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Every month StartupBlink Curators brings you the most interesting startup events online or in your city or globally.

This event is hosted by Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

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Startup companies often start thinking about information security at one of two moments--when a customer requires them to check a particular box or, worse when it's too late and they've had a costly incident. We've assembled an experienced team of InfoSec professionals who have built and advised companies on their initial InfoSec rollout to discuss where to begin and how the function will grow over time.

Grace Ward, VP of Information Security, Two Sigma
Tyler Healy, VP of Security, Digital Ocean
Jam Leomi, Lead Security Engineer, Honeycomb

The StartupBlink Ecosystem Summit

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Come and Join us for the StartupBlink Quarterly Ecosystem Summit!

The StartupBlink Ecosystem Summit is an event dedicated to startups and startup ecosystem developers.

As a startup: Get to know where you can find investors for your startup, the resources you can use, and the best places to relocate to.

As an ecosystem developer: Understand how you can attract talent to your ecosystem and pitch your city to the entire world.


  • The impact of startups on national and local economies. (Webinar)
  • Linking open innovation and startup ecosystem development. (Panel)
  • 3 Sessions of Ecosystem Pitches

Register using this link; spaces are limited https://ecosystemsummit.startupblink.com

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