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Podcast While Busy: From 0 to 10 episodes in 30 days or less

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We have been creating podcasts for the last 12 months for corporations like BET, Prudential, Random House, and Rutgers Business School. We have found out what works, and definitely have discovered what doesn't work. The questions we always get from you are how can we help you get started on a podcast? This is a service we now charge companies up to six-figures for. But, not anymore.

RSVP here only:

We created a process called the 4 Points Podcast framework. It helps ANYONE and we mean ANYONE to get started creating a podcast no matter how busy or inexperienced you think you are. You can use expensive equipment, or use cheap free resources and still build a loyal following. We also show people how to maintain an audience. Building an audience is one thing, but keeping one is how we are able to work with so many large companies consistently.

Last but not least we show you how to monetize your genius. So eventually you can start making money from your own podcast.

The benefits of creating a podcast continue to prove itself valuable:

1. It's an easy way to build your influence and authority. You'll gain more followers, interview experts, maybe even get speaking engagements.

2. It's a great way to market your business. You can generate more leads for your business by having a consistently good show where your service is incorporated into the content.

3. Podcasts are only as expensive as YOU want them to get. That means you can start one today for cheap or even free. The choice is yours.

4. Building a community is one of the greatest benefits of being a content creator. The community that you build intimately with podcasts is statistically more likely to buy or pay attention to anything that you are selling.

5. You can repurpose your podcast for other content. You can take the podcasts and turn them into blog posts, social media snippets, quotes pictures, speeches, and more.

This workshop is the first time we are introducing our process to the public. We will do it again, but the only thing is the price will absolutely go up, so you may want to get in on it now.

In 2 hours you will learn:
- The 4PP framework to help you get more episodes done in a short amount of time.
- How to easily edit yourself or hire a cheap engineer to help
- An easy process to promote your podcast and put it in front of the right people.
- What equipment to get. Free vs Cheap vs Expensive.
- And What makes a good podcast cover. And how to get a professional one.

See you soon!

- Anthony Frasier