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This is a meet up for business and start-ups looking to learn more and collaborate in London. We’ll be offering advice and guidance from industry experts on UX, digital marketing, design and development.

Mobile UX London (MUXL)

MUXL is dedicated to sharing the best in UX Design.

Through frequent, affordable events and effective in-house training, we share good practices and techniques across the UX industry.

We are focused on new and emerging tech such as Voice Design, Virtual and Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, and care passionately about sharing best practices in the adoption of new technologies.

MUXL 2019 Conference

Mobile UX London's annual conference is back and bigger than ever. We have assembled an awesome team of expert designers, researchers, product managers and futurists to bring you the very latest insights in UX.

This year's conference will explore the evolution and future of design, focusing on new and emerging technologies including VR, AR, AI and Voice.

With speakers from Google, Uber, Microsoft, Fitbit, Samsung Next and more, you will certainly be in great company.

Check out the full schedule for the conference here: https://mobileuxlondon.com/schedule1/

There will also be parallel workshops and masterclass covering a range of topics from voice design, mixed reality as a research tool, UX testing and designing human AI experiences.


UX Academy - Autumn Enrolment Dates Announced

We have recently announced our Autumn enrolment dates for our UX Academy Courses. Our Beginner UX course (https://mobileuxlondon.com/ux-academy/ux-ucd-academy-beginner-course/) will begin on the 4 September will run for 8 weeks. Our Intermediate UX programme (https://mobileuxlondon.com/ux-academy/ux-academy-intermediate-course/) will start on the 1 October and runs for 6 weeks. Finally, our Designing Voice Interactions (https://mobileuxlondon.com/ux-academy/designing-voice-interactions-alexa/) in Collaboration with Amazon Course will start on the 19 September. A full list of our courses can be found here (https://mobileuxlondon.com/ux-academy/).

Upcoming events (5+)

eLab Final Pitch

CIEE Global Institute London

READY TO PITCH ? eLab eLab is a new initiative by the Council of International Education Exchange (CIEE) that aims to support very early stage international entrepreneurs to understand the foundation of building a business in the UK and build a network. The Pitching Event eLab’s 6th London cohort will be pitching on the Wednesday 18th September 2019. Each participant is an early stage entrepreneur who is seeking to validate their business ideas and receive feedback and support from industry professionals. Agenda: 5.30pm – 6pm – Networking and drinks 6pm – 6.05pm – Introduction 6.05pm – 6.15pm – Pitch 1 & questions from panel 6.15pm – 6.25pm – Pitch 2 & questions from the panel 6.25pm – 6.35pm – Pitch 3 & questions from the panel 6.35pm – 7.30pm – beverages and nibbles The Panel Andrew Humpries: The Co-Founder of The Bakery with an extensive career in the start-up space. The Bakery is a dedicated corporate open innovation accelerator, bringing together the world leading brands and organisations with the best entrepreneurial innovators, to solve real world challenges! Anuj Gupta: Serial entrepreneur and investor. Built and sold million dollar businesses in India and USA. Currently working on new UK based start-up. Pitches Sumati Joshi: Sumati has worked in product for Wadi, a Middle Eastern start-up specializing in e-commerce. Sumati has come up with Pawtronus, an app that connects pet owners and services to keep pets healthy and happy. Currently, she is working on validating the idea with her potential customers. Lorena Pedros: Lorena has just graduated with an MA in Luxury Brand Management. She is keen to build Lorarg, a lifestyle business and support artisan women in Argentina sell their products to the luxury market in London. Lorena has tested the market with pop-up and build a strong network of artisanal women in Argentina. Jorge Navarro Sanchez: Jorge is currently studying at LBS for his Sloan Masters degree. In addition he is working on Care and Beyond, medical tourism app that focusses on providing aftercare and support to patients and their families.

UX Academy - September 2019 - 6 Weeks Designing for Voice (Alexa) Course

Join our 6 week course, where you will gain a better understanding of voice user interface best practices, from identifying the right use cases to following an effective process and crafting advanced voice interactions. You will also learn how to code, publish and maintain an Alexa skill. To learn more about this course, visit our website here: https://myuxacademy.com/courses/designing-for-voice-alexa/ - 6-week training course - 12 students per class - Once a week from 6:00 pm- 8:30 pm. - Who is the Training for? Designed for those who are looking to gain a holistic understanding of voice user interface best practices and those who want to learn how to code, publish and maintain an Alexa skill. If you’re aim to gain the skills needed to incorporate industry leading voice experiences to your products then this is the right course for you. On the course you will learn about: - Mastering Conversation Design: Acquire the skills needed to design industry leading conversations in voice, a course built with support from Amazon - Prototyping and Testing Voice Experiences: Create low and high fidelity voice prototypes and learn practical ways for usability testing voice experiences - Advanced Topics in VUI: Learn best practices for advanced topics in voice, including multi-modal interactions and dealing with privacy and safety - Evaluating Use Cases for Voice: Understand the benefits and limitations of voice and ensure you’re utilising it for the tasks that will provide real value to your users. - Deliverables for Certification: Learn how to produce all the deliverables required by Amazon to certify an enterprise level skill including voice user flows, scripts and account linking screens - Development of Alexa Skills: Get a solid understanding of how Alexa skills are set up and coded and be in a position to have informed conversations with technical stakeholders. TO ATTEND, YOU MUST BOOK YOUR PLACE VIA EVENTBRITE: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ux-academy-september-2019-6-week-designing-for-voice-amazon-alexa-course-tickets-58086423055 Course Structure Week 1: Introduction to Voice Interfaces – History of voice Interfaces - Appropriate use cases - Design Process Week 2: Design your first Alexa Skill, Part 1 – Conversation fundementals - Voice interactions with Amazon Alexa - Usability contraints of voice Week 3: Design your first Alexa Skill, Part 2 – Identifying intents and utterances – User flows for voice – Multi-modal interactions – Account Linking Week 4: Usability Testing for Voice interactions – Test structure & facilitation techniques – Identifying appropriate testing methods, including Wizard of OZ – Intro to usability testing Week 5: Building your Alexa Skill – Understanding Amazon Alexa Developer Platform – Setting up a working skill – Configure, Develop, Test skill Week 6: Making it Live – Learning to code advanced skills – Certification process – Understanding and extracting meaning from analytics Sign-up to this course via this link: https://myuxacademy.com/product/designing-for-voice-alexa/ Testimonials: "It’s a great course for anyone who would like to get into this emerging technology – Voice Design. The tutors Stratis and Goncalo, are having real time experience in Voice Design working for reputed companies. They are friendly and massively helpful guiding us through the challenges and suggesting us to see the objective of the project in the right direction. The content that’s been prepared and presented in the course is a really good start to get our heads around the Voice design. I wouldn’t say this is an extensive course for the Voice Design but it’s a good start into that technology." - Ramana Jaini (UX, Product & Visual Designer) Not convinced yet?, Find more testimonials here: https://myuxacademy.com/testimonials/

How to design ethically and responsibly, in collaboration with Adobe and IXDD

To attend this event, please book your place via eventbrite at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/september-meetup-how-to-design-ethically-and-responsibly-in-collaboration-with-adobe-and-ixdd-tickets-72363542303 Schedule 1.45pm – 5.30pm: Free afternoon workshop: Advanced Design Workflows & Prototyping with Adobe XD 6.30 – 7.00: Arrival, registration and refreshments 7.05 – 7.25 Responsible AI: From Principle to Action Adam Tillner-Smith, UX/UI Designer at Accenture 7.25 – 7.45 Ethics in Tech: Where do we begin Edyta Jaworek, Interaction Designer at Google 7.45 – 8.05 People, Data and Systems David Marques, Creative Graphic Designer at Projects By IF 8.05 – 9.00: Refreshments and networking Adam Tillner-Smith is a Designer at Accenture’s Liquid Studio and has a varied background in developing solutions for emerging technologies across AI, blockchain and Mixed Reality. In his talk, he will cover the surrounding problems with understanding bias in algorithms, and walk through his role designing one of Accenture’s recent solutions to help organisations understand that bias. Edyta Jaworek is an interaction designer working at Google’s London Office. At Google, she worked on Analytics and AdSense products which are both a part of Google’s core business. In her talk she will provide you with knowledge and tools to help you start on your journey towards becoming a more ethically-aware designer and technologist. David Marques produces the visual design of IF’s work, which is a technology studio specialising in ethical and practical uses of data and AI. David’s talk will address the challenges of caring about people by caring about the data about them. In this emergent field, the challenges go beyond user needs. How do we design for and with systems? To attend this event, please book your place via eventbrite at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/september-meetup-how-to-design-ethically-and-responsibly-in-collaboration-with-adobe-and-ixdd-tickets-72363542303 ************************************************************************* Free workshop with Adobe XD: Advanced Design Workflows & Prototyping with Adobe XD In this half day workshop, we’ll build upon your existing skills with Adobe XD or other design tools and learn how to wield the full power of XD. Starting with wireframes, we will utilise advanced functionality such as prototyping for voice and multimodality, crafting delightful animations, and designing with real data. At the end of the workshop, you will have built a fully designed, interactive, multi-modal prototype including a foundation for a growing design system – ready to show off, share for development, and further develop within teams. Who is this for? This workshop is for Designers, Product Owners, and Entrepreneurs, Developers (and anyone else!) with prior experience using Adobe XD or other design tools, and are looking to dive deeper into more advanced workflows and functionalities, learning best practices along the way. Attendees are required to bring their own macOS or Windows 10 computer and an iOS or Android device. Please have Adobe XD pre-installed on your devices. You can download Adobe XD for free from xd.adobe.com. To attend the workshop, please book your place via eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/september-meetup-how-to-design-ethically-and-responsibly-in-collaboration-with-adobe-and-ixdd-tickets-72363542303 ************************************************************************* Mobile UX London holds an annual programme of events in London. You can find out more by visiting our website at www.mobileuxlondon.com

UX Academy - 6 Weeks Intermediate UX Course

Runway East Moorgate

Join us in this exciting Intermediate User Experience Course starting November 5th. This UX training London will help you potentialize your existing skills and give you the confidence to undertake new projects. You will be guided through key UX techniques to progress your knowledge across UX, including Advanced User Research, Fast Prototyping, Data-Driven Design and much more. Request a brochure via this link: https://myuxacademy.com/courses/intermediate-ux-course/ - 6-week training course - 12 students per class max - Wednesdays, once a week from 6:00 pm- 8:30 pm. Who is the Training for? Our Intermediate course will help you build on your existing skills and give you the confidence to undertake projects you never thought you could before. The intermediate programme is perfect for this who have existing experience in UX to help take their careers to the next stage. It is suitable for a range of different career backgrounds and job roles. On the course you will learn about: - User Journey Maps: An important design tool to understand product service interactions from the users’ point of view. - Fast Prototyping Techniques: Rapid prototyping enables you to quickly create an initial version of a final product - Using Data in Design: Data-driven design can enable you to make informed decisions about products, to help create better and robust experiences - Design Thinking: A method for practical, creative resolution of problems. proven and repeatable problem solving approach. - Pattern Libraries: Thorough overview and examples of software design patterns that you can apply in your daily development - Lean UX Principles: Identify best practices for research and testing within an agile environment. TO ATTEND, YOU MUST BOOK YOUR PLACE VIA EVENTBRITE: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ux-academy-october-2019-6-week-intermediate-ux-course-tickets-47431844925 Course Structure Week 1: Conduct Advanced User Research Week 2: Effective Interaction Design Techniques Week 3: Design Thinking Week 4: Fast Prototyping & Pattern Libraries Week 5: Leveraging Qual/Quan Research Week 6: Analytics & Data-Driven Design Reserve your spot and pay the deposit here: https://myuxacademy.com/product/intermediate-ux-course/ Testimonials: "I would definitely recommend this Intermediate UX Course to anyone considering pushing their knowledge and practical skills a bit further in this field. The workload is well designed for anyone in a full-time job. The course followed a good process for revolutionary design. I will definitely be using this a lot in the future." - Rose Agnew (Product Manager) Not convinced yet? Find more testimonials here: https://myuxacademy.com/testimonials/ Or look at the work done by our students: https://myuxacademy.com/ux-academy-alumni/

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UX Academy - 8 Weeks Beginner UX Course

Runway East Moorgate

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