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What we’re about

Join passionate product people on their mission to improve the best job there is: building products with true impact on our lives. It all starts with a great idea, a passion, a love for a product that can truly innovate the business model. So how can we help? Being a product owner/manager is a challenging role. The best way to get better is by doing it a lot in practice, but also by getting together and learning from each others' experience.
This group is intended for seasoned product people who want to share their challenges and gain in-depth insights. We want to focus on the daily and long term challenges of Product Owners, Product Managers and adjacent roles, such as Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches. During our meetups we will focus on specific themes within this field, inspired by speakers who operate where the action happens! Let's get together and stimulate knowledge sharing and meet great inspirational people! We encourage the community to be pro-active by sharing ideas, posts and comments.