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Applying Category Theory to Software Design

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Applying Category Theory to Software Design


This meetup marks the end of the 3rd Statebox Summit. The latest developments will be revealed to the public.

Doors open at 18:00. First talk starts at 19:00. RSVP is mandatory in order to attend.



18:00 ~ Soundscapes by DJ Patrick

19:00 ~ Talks

20:00 ~ Break

20:30 ~ Talks

21:30 ~ Soundscapes by DJ Patrick


List of Topics and Speakers

CQL (Categorical Query Language) - David Spivak (MIT)

Typedefs - Andre Videla (Statebox)

ZKProofs and Category Theory - Andre Knispel (Statebox)

Pasting Diagrams - Jelle Herold (Statebox)

Idris-CT - Fabrizio Genovese (Statebox)

Selling Tickets with the Statebox API - Kasper Keunen (Get Protocol)


Manteuffelstraße 77 · Berlin, BE
3 spots left