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Statistical seminars DC's aim is to establish an environment where individuals can come together who are moving from one profession into the data analysis field in which they would find events and resources that would enable them to perform sound analysis.

Mission: Bring about an awareness of different statistical methods using free programming software and to maintain a learning atmosphere.

Support: Support other Meetups and organizations with the same goals.

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Time series data in R

Online event


In this presentation, a demonstration will be done to show how to use R and tidyverse tools to work with BLS time series data. In the beginning, the BLS API to query data will be used, then use lubridate and other tidyverse packages to clean the data, compute moving averages, and make time series plots. Then we’ll move on to using the tidyverts series of packages for working with time series and forecasting, demonstrating some basic decomposition and forecasting workflows.

Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate

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Time series data in R



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Intro to R

Online event

Lets learn how to use R.
Instructor: Mike

The goal of this session is to give you a solid basic foundation on how to use R and its tools.

R is a vehicle for newly developing methods of analyzing data. It has developed rapidly over the years, and its capabilities has been extended by a large collection of packages created by developers in the R community.

Learning Objectives
• Define the following terms as they relate to R: object, assign, call, function, arguments, options.
• Create objects and assign values to them in R.
• Learn how to name objects.
• Use comments to inform script.
• Solve simple arithmetic operations in R.
• Call functions and use arguments.

Intro to Rmarkdown and other topics

Online event

In this seminar I will present an introductory lesson on how to use the basic functions of R Markdown.
Getting Started
Orientation to R Markdown Documents
Formatted Text
Code Chunks
Inline Code

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