Fundamentals of R Shiny with Monica Puerto


Although I do love to code, as a Data Scientist I already wear enough hats by being a data engineer at times or a data analyst when I am not building my models. However, I want to showcase my findings in an interactive way but I don't want to learn HTML, CSS, or Javascript or have the time to learn it. This year I learned Shiny, an R package to build web frameworks with inputs and outputs. It is reactive and responsive. Come learn the basics of Shiny and I will walk you through a Shiny application I have built.

Monica Puerto is a data activist, a feminist, a Latina, and a Data Scientist for AFSCME. She is a former Women Who Code Director for the DC chapter. She has experience with database management, data analysis, logistic and linear regression models, natural language processing, and web frameworks. Highly knowledgeable using the Python, SQL, and R languages.

Food and drinks (water) will be provided. We will also have a book on R to raffle off for FREE.

Difficulty: Beginner /Undergrad

You should bring: Pen/paper , laptop

Software: R studio


Cleveland park library
3310 Connecticut Ave NW,
Washington, DC 20008

Room: CPK Lower Level Meeting Room 3