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Who should join "Anti-Aging & Longevity Group of Las Vegas"? Anyone, at any age, that cares about health and aging prematurely. Its about redefining and modifying lifestyle to be dis-ease free and healthy both in and out through whole food nutrition, rest and stress management, reducing the toxic load, and plant based medicine. Eighty percent of our health and aging we are in control of, through lifestyle choices. Learn how easy it is to make simple changes that will make a difference.

This group will share with you cutting edge information about the breakthroughs in anti aging health, whole food nutrition, science and beauty. Anti aging is about prevention of the deterioration of the body and disease due to aging, poor nutrition, bad habits, oxidation and free radicals. Anti aging promotes restoration, quality of life, good health, rejuvenation and sensuality. Rejuvenation, (as in youth and beauty) is a bi-product of feeling great and balanced in all areas. A beautiful body is not a product of surgery, it's a product of inner health.

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