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Azure DevOps, Continuous Integration & Pipeline Automation: Rule Them All

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Azure DevOps, Continuous Integration & Pipeline Automation: Rule Them All


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Do you want to make your deployments risk-free? Do you want to deliver business values to your customers faster? Do you want to increase the efficiency of your team? Are your application and database deployments separate processes? Do you encounter issues while deploying your database changes? Is your database slowing you down?

If the answer to any of the questions is yes, then this presentation is for you. You will understand the problems with traditional database development and why organizations are moving toward achieving continuous integration and database DevOps. You’ll also learn about the toolsets that will assist you in this journey towards painless database deployments in the Microsoft Platform.

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Samir Behara is a Solution Architect with EBSCO Industries and builds software solutions using cutting edge technologies. He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP with over 12 years of IT experience. Samir is a frequent speaker at technical conferences and is the Co-Chapter Lead of the Steel City SQL Server UserGroup. He is the author of
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