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This is a group for people interested in global financial access, blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech and mass adoption. If you've ever wondered about the future of money, or are working on a cool blockchain project, you're in the right place. Technical folks and non-technical folks alike are welcome here, and newcomers to digital currency are encouraged to join.

Why Join Our Events

Every month we'll cover topics in the crypto / blockchain space, showcase influencers, and highlight cool projects. Many of our members are experts so there's a lot of knowledge you'll be able to tap into here.

What Is Stellar

Stellar.org ( https://www.stellar.org/ ) is a decentralized platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people. It allows you to integrate & move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost.

Please follow the Community Guidelines ( https://www.stellar.org/community-guidelines/ ).

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