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Meetings, presentations and discussions about the Stellar blockchain. Aimed at both technical and not technical people, covering all range of subjects including blockchain solutions, decentralisation, new payment paradigms, tokenisation of assets and more.

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Asset Management and Tokenisation on the Blockchain: Fit for Purpose?

This is the latest partnership event between Keybox Cash and Stellar. In association with Cocoon Global and The Fintech Times. From real estate to fine art, tokenisation is becoming a natural evolution of the sharing economy trend. The recent economic crisis along with the realisation of the existing limits to the resources we have available are steering the world towards a sharing economy to achieve better efficiency. As part of this shift, real world assets such as cars, houses or even pieces of art are being liquified, and in many cases sliced into shares, through secure tokenisation to incentivise access to expensive goods and peer-to-peer trading. Tokenisation on the Blockchain is forged through smart contracts to securely allow for the secure transfer of those real-world assets. Tokens are tradeable on marketplaces without third-party brokers in an immutable manner. The Stellar network is an ideal platform for asset tokenisation due to the simplicity of the issuing process and the extremely low costs associated with token transaction. The recently released StellarX makes direct peer-to-peer possible and it may be the most feature-rich decentralised in the marketplace. Join us and our expert panelists to discuss and debate the trend for tokenisation of real world assets... Alberto Romero - Stellar Meetup Organiser Alex Apeldoorn - AACC David White - Keybox Cash Francesco Bellanca - Feral Horses Jonny Fry - Team Blockchain Lior Abehassera - Leaseum Priyanka Lilaramani - Plinth Sponsored by Cocoon Global Partnered by Fintech Times Agenda 6pm - Registration/ Networking 630pm - Introduction from Stellar and Keybox Cash 645pm Panel discussion 745pm Q&A 8pm Networking & Drinks

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Blockchain based Payments for a New Financial World

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