What we're about

Those who desire to connect more fully to their divine essence and live from their True Selves will want to join us.
This spiritual offering is one which recognizes and honors a confluence of both divine and human energies, God’s creative plan. As part of what some call divine awakening, healing and standing in one’s vision for a life well lived is seen as our collective mission of support to one another. To it, this is a sacred space where you are is welcomed and honored. It is a place to connect at the heart and open to spirit as the fountain head of all creation.
There is a recognition that we are equal and imbued with divine talents and desires which seek full expression. As such, this is a space which holds all as creators, and your participation is a contribution to the whole. As the leader of your life, this is a place to connect at the heart, hold space for others, support and be supported, and to bring your unique talents. Gain valuable experience, tools, and principles from which to live with more purposefulness and fulfillment.
What you will experience is more connection to others, be more grounded, experience more satisfaction from life, be self-expressed, and life from your true divine self.

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Musical Sandbox

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Kirtan with Rufus Juskus

6520 75th St

Stepping Stones: The Peaceful Flow of Life

6520 75th St

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