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Walk this Way Ladies!

Did you just hear Aerosmith playing in your head? If so, you are in the right place (of course even if you didn’t you are in the right place). I'm a Health and Life Coach with a passion for walking and wellness. I believe walking is one of the easiest ways to maintain your health and can become part of your lifestyle with little effort.

Stepz in the City was designed to encourage walking in my city (currently tri-valley), patronizing local businesses, i.e., grabbing a drink or a bite along the way, and promoting health and wellness. Expanding to your city if not currently tri-valley is the plan and depending on interest could happen sooner than later!

Are you…
1. Over 50?
2. New to the area and craving to meet people?
3. Need an outlet from the daily grind and stress?
4. Going through menopause or trying to lose weight?
5. Wanting to exercise but hate going to the gym?
6. Craving adult conversation and tired of being judged?
Perhaps all the above apply, just one, or even NONE… walking is still great for your health and we welcome you!

What this isn’t…
• Complicated or boring
• A networking group – this should be organic ;o)
• A walking “club” – no rules or special gear required, just bring some water and positive attitude
• A place to judge, complain or take ourselves too serious

What this is about…
• Fun – can we just laugh a little (or a lot)
• Lifestyle
• Self care – so important!
• Bringing out the best version of ourselves to play
• Supporting our community
• Fresh Air
• Exercise that doesn’t require a membership
• Meeting people who are truly interested in getting to know each other (no agenda)
• Fun – did I say that already… laughter is soooo awesome and contagious!
Most importantly – the goal is to create a community of women who know there is room for all of us even if we share the same skills. Let’s collaborate and celebrate each other… who knows what will happen.

…The walks will range from 2 – 6 miles round trip… nothing too crazy (often Happy Hour will be a destination)
…The goal is to walk at least once a week

There are no rules! Okay, maybe just one… this is a group for women curious about others and life, so no whining - unless served in a glass with a stem!

Let’s get our walk on – It’s a Lifestyle ;o)

Past events (2)

Beat the Heat Walkin to Downtown Pleasanton!

3040 Bernal Ave

Get your walk on in Pleasanton

3040 Bernal Ave

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