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Welcome to Stevenage And Around Social Group. Our aim is to have a good time, meet people in the area you wouldn't have met otherwise, make friends, and to live life to the full.


If you or any guest have Covid-19 symptoms before the event, do not attend but as usual let the host know you can't make it. If you or any guest have Covid-19 symptoms in the 48 hours after the event, please let Janet and Sue know as we need to contact everyone on the event to let them know.

Please make sure you read the event details before attending, and follow any rules that the venue has as well.

We are creating a like-minded community in the North to central Hertfordshire area where, after a couple of events, you meet friends you already know. There is an annual fee but no limit to the number of events you attend in a year. The more you attend, the more value you get from the group.

We want members to be active but understand that you might be unsure about coming to your first event. If so, please message the event host and ask them to meet you at the door. New members need to attend an event within three months. We find that the more you put off coming, the less likely you are to do so.

Frequently asked questions and other "paperwork"

1. JOINING: Please have a recent photograph (see 2 below), and at least your interests unhidden.

2. PHOTOGRAPH: To join/remain in the group you must have a recent photograph of you (but no other people in) that clearly shows your face. This is very important because it helps us spot you at your first events and also increases the trust and security within the group.

3. FEE: An annual fee of £5 is payable to Janet G or Suesan (details on request) on your second event or within 3 months of joining (whichever is sooner) and after that every March. This covers the twice yearly charges we have to pay meetup.com, and any costs incurred in preparing for events. Money not required for the running of the group is put towards something like a group birthday party. If you first join after September 30th that year's fee is reduced to £2, and the full annual fee becomes due in March. Please note that we have changed this for 2020/2021 only and we are asking for a single £5 to cover both years due to the pandemic.

4 a. RESPECT: We expect everybody to treat others with respect. This includes members behaving in an appropriate manner at events, especially at venues that we regularly go to. You represent the group there.

Please also note that people might not reply to your messages on events immediately due to life happening. Please allow at least 48 hours before expecting a reply.

If there is a complaint about inappropriate messages to other members, the person sending the message will be removed from the group and blocked from rejoining.

4 b RESPECT EVENT HOSTS: Event hosts put in lots of work before the event, and you make a firm booking by RSVPing yes. Continuously cancelling last minute or not showing up at all is not respectful to the event host. If you change your plans please let the host know and also remember they may not have internet access at the venue. Don't look at the event and say "oh, there's others who will go". YOU are responsible for your own RSVP. After all, the others might decide to not turn up as well!

5. EVENT CHANGES OR CANCELLATIONS: Please check the Meetup site at least 12 hours in advance of your chosen event time. While event hosts will try to keep to the timings announced, events can get cancelled or moved due to circumstances outside our control, and the only way to contact you might be through Meetup. In addition, timings might not be known at the time the event is published, and some outdoor events are weather dependent.

6. GUESTS: Members can bring guests to most events, but some events are limited to members only. We would expect a guest to come to see what the group is about and then join, otherwise it's not helping them or us to get to know each other.

7. AGE: This group has events to suit people of all ages. Due to health and safety, events are for adults over 18 only unless the event states 'Children Welcome'. Please talk to the event host if you are unsure.

8. IS THIS GROUP ONLY FOR SINGLES? No, our Membership includes singles and those who are in a relationship. Please note point 5 above if both partners attend the group.

9. DEPOSITS: Some events require a deposit to secure your place. If this applies and you cannot attend for a genuine reason the event will say what happens to the deposit. If a member continuously cancels last minute the deposit may be put in group funds instead. If the event is cancelled then deposits will be refunded. This might take time if the venue cancels the event and already has the money. If you have been asked for your deposit and you have not sent it in the time stated, your name will go to the waiting list.

10. NAMES: We have many duplicate names. We request that you make your name a bit unique from the others (remembering that your name will be changed in every meetup group you are in) so that we know who payments are from.

Most people will do these anyway. However, apart from section 9 on Names which we cannot enforce as it goes across every meetup group you are in, anyone who does not comply or frequently disregards details on this page may be removed from the group.

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