What we're about

This is a group interested in testing the Internet of Things using an open The Things Network installed by Westend WiFi, for you to create applications, and having fun making stuff. Watch the the Things Network video and visit our community page - see links below:



To get added to the Stevenage Things Community page, DON'T click on "JOIN THIS COMMUNITY" until you create a Things Network account using the link above and click "Sign Up" at the top right!!!!!

Do the usual create a username and password type stuff, then after confirming your account go back to the above link and click "JOIN THIS COMMUNITY". It's a bit of a faff, but it works.

Why The Things Network and not 5G?

5G is a short range, high power consumption, fast throughput, low latency, can't get through obstacles, expensive solution for a simple service that needs long range, low power, low cost (and nil cost for using the network) for the tiny little bits and bytes of data 'most' IoT devices require.

5G video cameras will be great, but you don't need 5G to receive a teeny tiny message to your app service to tell you that a door has been opened, your fridge has gone over temp or your field is too dry.

You also don't need hundreds of 5G short range antennas to cover a town, and smaller ones in a building, when The Things Network covers up to 10km radius (ok let's be realistic it's not as far, but you get the idea), AND can penetrate buildings. So no micro hubs unless you have an underground car park or dungeon.

The Things Network can also support thousands of sensors, so unless you really want to stream from your cat's collar cam, The Things Network is your IoT friend.

For developers and makers (3D printers welcome), we have Audrino and Raspberry Pi boards that you can tinker with on your fav ideas.

Need to host, we can help with that as well. Ollie is our night owl developer and creates our platforms, so we can help. We also have friendly 3D designers and manufacturers for your final design concept and product launches.

So welcome all to THE Internet of Things - a community network powered by the community.

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