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Start the weekend with a great trail run above Cupertino!
As every Saturday we are meeting at the dam parking lot along Stevens Canyon Road. There is available free parking adjacent to the paid parking at the Dam. (Just park along the road UNLESS THERE ARE SIGNS DISALLOWING IT. ). See map. ( Or you can pay for parking at the machine near the entrance. We run typically 6 to 9 miles. As hilly as you like! We usually split into 2 or 3 groups based on how fast and long people want to go. There is a group for every speed and distance. We never leave anyone alone on the trail and always wait for slower runners. There are usually at least 10 of us running each Saturday (rain or shine) but most of us do not sign up via Meetup so don't be discouraged if only a few seem to have signed up. If the meetup ever gets cancelled then we will remove this invite. Come and join us. There is no need to be a member to join for the Saturday runs, but of course we always welcome people who want to become members. For more details, take a look at our website at ( and Trails we run ( Please note that if you RSVP for this run or become a member of this meetup group then you are implicitly agreeing with the following disclaimer and code of conduct (sorry our lawyers made us do this): 1. I have had it explained to me and understand that: 1.1 The activities undertaken at the run can be physically and mentally challenging and potentially dangerous, and include but are not limited to water based and other obstacles, surface hazards and run course & weather conditions; 1.2 There is a risk of serious injury and/or death associated with my participation in activities at the run; 1.3 Although the organisers will try and minimise these risks, they cannot be completely eliminated; 1.4 Participation in the run is ENTIRELY AT MY OWN RISK; 1.5 That there will be no “aid stations” or support available except where provided by me; There will be no route markings, no course marshals and no medical personnel in attendance; and 1.6 My fellow runners, those who advertise this run, or anyone else involved in the run or anyone else, are NOT organizing an event or race and that this is a joint endeavor by all who take part. 2. I confirm that: 2.1 I am 18 years of age or older. 2.2 I am fully aware of the risks to myself and others associated with participation in the run. These risks include damage to or loss of personal property, personal injury and in extreme cases, death. 2.3 I will comply with all instructions given to me by the organisers and do as directed so as not to hurt or injure others or myself. 2.4 I am sufficiently fit and healthy to safely participate in the run and do not suffer from any medical condition which would adversely affect my ability to safely participate in the run. 3. Release I hereby acknowledge and accept that the Organiser, The Stevens Creek Striders, its board and members and anyone else participating in the run shall not be liable to me for any loss or damage arising from my participation in the activities at the run, including indirect or consequential loss or damage, including loss of life and limbs. 4. Agreement 4.1 I have read and fully understood all the terms of this disclaimer. I confirm that I am not relying on any statements or representations by any person or entity as an inducement to my fully and voluntarily engaging in the run and assuming the risks and obligations stated above in signing this document. 4.2 I acknowledge that the nature of my participation in the run is potentially hazardous and that if I am unwilling to accept the risks associated with my participation, as set out above, I should not take part. 4.3 I give permission to the Organiser to use my photograph and/or any other record of my participation in the run for any legitimate purpose. I understand that any and all likenesses of me captured during the run by the Organiser or other participants shall become the sole property of the Organiser. 4.4 If any court or competent authority finds that any provision of this document (or part of any provision) is invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision or part-provision shall, to the extent required, be deemed to be deleted, and the validity and enforceability of the other provisions of this agreement shall not be affected. Code of conduct 1. I will respect all rules pertaining to trail usage, including all designated signs and posted regulations. 2. I will conduct myself in such a way that all participants and non-participants feel safe in participating. 3. I will refrain from any actions or non-actions that can be construed as harassment.

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Stevens Creek Striders Running Club is based in Cupertino, California. It has about 80 members residing in and around Silicon Valley. The club is a casual, fun loving group with a very diverse membership. Runners of all ages and abilities get together to train and run.

Stevens Creek Striders meets on Saturday morning at 8.30am to run on the trails of Stevens Creek County Park. There are about 40 miles of trails in the park and these vary from easy to quite difficult. After a short meeting, members form groups of similar ability and run or walk for around 90 minutes, followed by breakfast in Hobee's Restaurant in Cupertino.

There are also two mid-week runs in Rancho and the offerings vary as members and tribes come and go!

On the social side, the club has an event about once a month. Some are simply fun, such as the Holiday Party with dinner, dancing and the presentation of awards nominated by the membership. The Striders has occasional picnics, expeditions, and races.

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