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What we’re about

In our honest opinion some of the worlds most exciting companies spring from Sweden. This tiny country with a mean winter and a population of only 9.5 million people is the home of companies like Spotify, Ikea, MySQL, H&M and so many more.

So we find it strange that 2012; with a bubbling tech scene in Europe running alongside a spiraling (world) economy the topic of the European Startup scene seems to be either Berlin or London. Somewhere along the way Stockholm was either forgotten or hushed quiet. We might not be located in the centre of Europe or be the hub of the investment companies but we do have an extremely strong design and engineering culture! We’re a place we’re strong teams come together to create world changing companies, maybe even more so than anywhere else in Europe. We’re already part of a buzzing community - we just never talk about it! We’re going to change all that.

So we’re starting STHLM Startups! We wanted to give the entrepreneurial movement that already exists a name and a voice. We wanted to give it a vessel that would be grass-root, not a high-level governmental initiative. We’re 8 companies that start this initiative; it might grow, it might change but it will be the beginning of a new startup scene is Stockholm. One that isn’t about Sweden but ultimately about changing the world through the innovation and growth of these companies.

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