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Are you the one who plays with rocks in your back yard, or the one who cannot pass up piling a few stones on top of each other, when you see them lining a walkway?...Do you seem to notice the way birds watch us, as much as we watch them? Do you have a collection of things from the outdoors ("cool" sticks, rocks, pinecones, photos of trees, flowers, etc) inside your house? Can you sense when a storm is coming, without listening to the news? Does your day's mood depend on how much the sun shines?...This may be the group for you! Exploring aspects of Nature and intertwining what is found into creative adventures will be at the heart of this group. Some writing, poetry, guided meditation, photography, sculpting, movement (basic flow of Tai Chi and yoga), and use of paints, inks, etc is planned, as parts of the activities during these 'meetings'. Lots of sharing, and occasional (between meeting) 'assignments' will allow for personal development and discovery. All activities will be geared toward adults who like to play, but children 15-18 are welcomed with adult supervision.

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