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Calling all spiritual adventurers! This is a group for those who would like to accelerate their personal healing and growth through the practice of Conscious Connected Breathing - a simple but highly effective Breathwork process that will transform your experience of life. There will be regular workshops in the Stirling and Perthshire areas, introducing people to the process and also the opportunity to team up with others to advance your abilities with the practice. All events will be suitable for those new to any form of Breathwork as well as experienced practitioners.

What is Conscious Connected Breathing?

Breathwork is a profoundly effective tool for healing and spiritual development. It will enable you to improve/ your physical health, resolve emotional difficulties, find love, purpose and connect to God, however you define the Divine in your life. The breathing proces is simple but extremely effective.

The process is normally done lying down and involves breathing in a specific way for around one hour. The breath is relaxed with no pause between the inhale and the exhale. This way of breathing is known as "Conscious Connected Breathing" and induces a state of deep relaxation where one then “journeys” with the breath.

During the process you may experience a range of thoughts, feelings and sensations that lead to some aspect of your experience having “shifted”. The positive change that is experienced in a breath session is then reflected in your life.

Breathwork operates at a level within us that often no words can describe. There is an intelligence to the process which is difficult to translate as experiences are often in the form of unique encounters with our own spiritual nature. As one proceeds with the practice, spiritual awareness is gained through repeated experience with the process and the impact it has on your way of understanding and embodying the spiritual life.

What Are the Benefits?

All Breathwork sessions are unique, however the following benefits are likely to be observed:

• Increased sense of aliveness and wellbeing
• Deep relaxation and release of tension
• Freedom from long standing emotional discomfort and states such as anxiety and depression
• Resolution of the past
• Profound healing experiences
• Freedom from unhelpful patterns of behaviour
• Insight and awareness
• More present and alive to life
• Sense of deep connection to something greater than self
• Being “at home” in the body
• More integrated sense of self
• More relaxed and accepting attitude to life's challenges
• Feeling of completeness
• Improved health and detoxification of the body
• Create what serves you in life
• Greater fulfilment in all areas of life - relationships, money, work
• Greater sense of connection and purpose in life
• Be at ease with dying and the process of life

This meet up is being organised by John Paul Mason of Breathing Journeys and is being run on a commercial basis, however all events are offered on a 'pay what you can basis' so that no one is unable to attend due to finances.

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Divine Breath, Divine Life - In the Moment, Glasgow

In The Moment- Centre for Yoga, Movement & Wellbeing.


Breathing Journeys Presents: Divine Life, Divine Breath The Art of Conscious Connected Breathing Would you like to learn a powerful process for accelerating your own healing and spiritual growth? This one day "pay what you can' experiential workshop will teach you how to Journey with the breath for greater mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. You will learn this powerful and highly accessible process for improving physical health, resolving emotional difficulties, finding love, purpose and connecting to God, however you define the Divine in your life. The breathing process is simple but extremely effective. What this day will give you During the workshop you will learn the fundamentals to Conscious Connected Breathing and will have the opportunity to both experience your own breath session as well as simply 'sit' (being present) for another participant while they go through the process. In this way you will learn how to 'Journey' with the breath and also how useful it is just to have someone else with you as you breathe. Journeying with the breath normally involves lying down and breathing in a specific way for around one hour. As you breathe you may experience a range of thoughts, feelings and sensations as the Divine energy of the breath moves through you and some aspect of your experience is "shifted". The positive change that is experienced in the breath session is then reflected in your life. This practice provides you with a powerful tool for your own ongoing healing and spiritual development. Who is this Workshop for? This workshop is for anyone looking to resolve a specific issue in their life or interested in healing and spiritual exploration. If you have experience of other practices such as meditation, yoga, shamanism, chi-gung or other body-mind-spirit approaches then you are likely to find it of great benefit. The workshop is suitable for those completely new to any form of Breathwork as well as those already familiar with the practice. Six Good Reasons to Come to this Workhop 1. You'll learn a highly effective process for your own healing and transformation 2. You'll learn three ways of using the process for yourself in your daily life 3. You'll learn how to set strong intentions to get the most from the process 4. You'll receive the benefits of a full breathwork session yourself during the workshop 5. You'll learn how to give yourself a phsycial detox just by breathing 6. You'll have ongoing access to the Breathing Journeys facebook group for ongoing support Plus - sign up for the Breathing Journeys newsletter and you'll also get a complete free ebook guide to using the process including video and soundfile support. "A powerful inner journey. John Paul creates a safe, peaceful space for deep introspection and shifts in consciousness. His instructions and guidance provide for a highly meditative and transformative experience, teaching you techniques that you can integrate into your daily life." How this Workshop is Priced This workshop is offered on a ‘pay what you can’ basis. What this means is that you pay a £15 deposit to secure your place then whatever you can at the end of the workshop. The pricing is presented in this way to make the event accessable to all who genuinely wish to attend whatever their financial situation. Whether you pay nothing further on the day or the full workshop price if £90 your attendance is welcomed. Booking and Further Info Pre booking is essential. For further details see: http://www.breathingjourneys.com/divinelife The workshop will start at 9.30am and will finish by 5pm. The workshop is being held at In the Moment centre, 72 Berkeley St, Glasgow G3 7DS. Please bring a blanket. If you have any questions at all about this event or how it might be of benefit to you contact John Paul Mason on: Mob:[masked] E: [masked] www.breathingjourneys.com

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Divine Breath, Divine Life - Perth Yoga Studio

Perth Yoga Studio


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