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Calling all spiritual adventurers! This is a group for those who would like to accelerate their personal healing and growth through the practice of Conscious Connected Breathing - a simple but highly effective Breathwork process that will transform your experience of life. There will be regular workshops in the Stirling, Perthshire and Central Scotland areas, introducing people to the process and also the opportunity to team up with others to advance your abilities with the practice. All events will be suitable for those new to any form of Breathwork as well as experienced practitioners.

What is Conscious Connected Breathing?

Breathwork is a profoundly effective tool for healing and spiritual development. It will enable you to improve/ your physical health, resolve emotional difficulties, find love, purpose and connect to God, however you define the Divine in your life. The breathing proces is simple but extremely effective.

The process is normally done lying down and involves breathing in a specific way for around one hour. The breath is relaxed with no pause between the inhale and the exhale. This way of breathing is known as "Conscious Connected Breathing" and induces a state of deep relaxation where one then “journeys” with the breath. During the process you may experience a range of thoughts, feelings and sensations that lead to some aspect of your experience having “shifted”. The positive change that is experienced in a breath session is then reflected in your life.

I teach this process through regular workshops on Scotland where you can learn how to integrate the practice into your daily life and how to use it for self healing and your spiritual journey. I also offer one-one sessions and personal retreats in Comrie, Perthshire.

What Are the Benefits?

• Heal what isn't working in your life
• Heal long standing emotional issues that may have been with you for many years
• Freedom from long standing emotional discomfort and states such as anxiety and depression
• Release limiting beliefs about yourself and your relationship to life
• Profound healing experiences
• Freedom from unhelpful patterns of behaviour
• Enjoy greater health, better relationships, work, finances and a more connected sense of self
• Experience self acceptance and greater love, peace, freedom and joy
• Be "at home' in your body
• Become more present to life and experience your true nature as part of God/The Divine/Life

I run this Meetup on a commercial basis however all events are run on a 'pay what you can' basis to enable all to attend, whatever their financial circumstances.

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Divine Breath, Divine Life - Edinburgh

The Salisbury Centre


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