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SINY believes the stock market is the greatest wealth building mechanism ever invented. We approach investing in the stock market like running a business.
Our meetups are unique and are held in a private event space in a bar/restaurant.
We have formal presentations with actionable information.
We also have a private cash bar and designated time to network and share ideas.
Some of the topics we will cover in our next meetup : 1) How news effects the market
2) What drives the stock market at the most fundamental levels
3) Future trends and the potential effect they will have on the stock market
Investors of all skill levels are welcome to our next meetup on Thursday, Nov 13th

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What Drives the Stock Market

The Brazen Tavern

We will be talking about several topics relating to investing, including the following : 1) The underlying catalyst that drives the stock market. This is a complicated topic. We can only cover an outline of this tonight. But it is also very important and can significantly increase your success in the stock market. What we will talk about tonight will be very important. In addition to the above, we will talk about several actionable topics. Because these topics are actionable, you would be able to begin using them immediately. Some of these topics include : 1) How to tell when a stock's price might have stopped going down and may be ready to go back up again (ie "Buy low so you can sell high"). 2) How to get actionable investing ideas from the news headlines. 3 Seasonal trades that can be made the same time every year. Bring a notepad and a lot of questions. Also bring ideas for future events.

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What Drives the Stock Market?

The Brazen Tavern

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