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Everyone who is interested in nature, birds and animals are welcome! I created this group JUST because I would like to have opportunities to be in nature which I currently lack and I didn't find any other group about observing birds and wild animals in Stockholm, where is often described as a beautiful city coexisting with nature.(and because I can of course :'P) Since I am not familiar with many spots where birds/ wild animals can be seen in Stockholm, please give me some recommendations!

As you might have noticed, I sometimes don't come up meetups at all and that is due to my laziness(mostly) or me being too busy since I work most of the weekends.

So whenever you feel like you want to go birdwatching, please see if there's any coming up in the following website.


Pay attetion to the event details which can be with/without fees and limited to members only or open for everyone.

I would also love to have someone as an organizer for days when I am unavailable. All I want is that you take the resposibility on that day as a group,

like making sure to not mess around, leave garbages in nature or participants doing stupid/dangerous thing. If you can stand up, you would be really appreciated!

Thanks to the technologies developed by smart people, now anyone can identify birds if one can record birds voice.

Just install "birdNET" from Google Play Store (even in iOS..?) and see how useful it is! I got to know the app this summer 2019.

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Ryssviksvägen 12

Winter bird watching around the flood in kungsträdgården

Restaurant Operakällaren

Birdwatching at Råstasjön and Lötsjön

Hallonbergen T-banan

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