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#spelbar @ Bishops Arms Gamla Stan
For almost 6 years every Wednesday around 20-30 people gather to play board and card games at an event we call #spelbar, nowadays we play at Bishops Arms in Gamla Stan Tyska Brinken 36. The room is booked from 17 o'clock but most people arrive around 18. We have a small library of games but most games played is what people bring, so join a table or bring a game and feel welcome to eat, drink and play some games with us. If you are planning to attend, please RSVP -- and bring your friends as +1's!

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Want to play boardgames more often?
There are different groups already playing boardgames in Stockholm, and this meetup group aims to help boardgamers like yourself find out when and where they are.

• We welcome both new and experienced players, and hope everyone has fun!
• If you have a favorite game you want to play, bring it along and invite others to join you at the table.
• You can join even if you don't speak Swedish; games are often in English or language independent, and most other participants speak English if asked politely.

Meetups are organized several times per week
If you are planning to join a meetup, please RSVP so we know how many participants to expect! You can also bring friends by adding them as your +1.

Are you organizing a public boardgame event in the near future?
Are you organizing an event! Whether it's in a pub, office or someone's home -- let's get together and play =)

• Larger/recurring get-togethers are organized as meetups. Ask the admins!
• Smaller/one-time events are self-organized. Ask other to join in a discussion thread!

Would you like to collaborate?
Do you have a new game you'd like to try out with real gamers? Want to reach over 1000 boardgamers in the Stockholm area? Join a meetup and announce your prototype in the comments, start a new discussion thread, or ask the admins!

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