What we're about

Dart is a new platform for scalable web app engineering. http://dartlang.com

We want to share development experience with the Dart language; both on the server side and the client side; both compiled to javascript or within the Dart VM.

We want to code together, welcome talks and presentations, and have fun together with the platform. We all want to learn more, whatever our level of experience in Dart or Web Development.

We want to experiment AngularDart, Polymer.dart, and other packages to be found in http://pub.dartlang.org/ (http://pub.dartlang.org/.) that bring Web development to a brand new level.

We welcome talks on advanced web architectures.

Past events (2)

Dart flight school II, hands on Angular and Polymer

Needs a location

Dart Flight School + code lab with Seth Ladd

Needs a location

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