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This group was established during spring 2016 to be a relevant, rather "techy", yet informal meeting forum for the data science community in Stockholm. Since then we have hosted several meetups every year to share knowledge regarding predictive analysis, machine learning, AI, how to find insights using different tools and techniques, and also how to carry out the insights and analysis in an organisation.

Also note that this group has a slightly younger "sister group" in Stockholm Data Engineering. The two areas are tightly connected, so members in this group may very well be interested also in the topics of the Data Engineering group. Check it out and sign in at: https://www.meetup.com/Stockholm-Data-Engineering-Meetup/

Format: Meetups are held in Gamla Stan just after work hours, until approx 20:30. Every meetup will have one or two speakers and time to network and discuss the topics with the participants of the meetup. Mainly the presentations in the meetup are held in Swedish, but everyone is of course welcome to network in any language you prefer. The meetups are free of charge, guests get a drink and a sub. Costs for the venue, drinks and food are covered by Solita, sometimes together with a sponsor. We do this in an "open source spirit" out of genuine interest in sharing knowledge related to data science. https://www.solita.fi/en/ Previously Ferrologic was group host, but since nov 2019 Ferrologic is a part of Solita.

We have a strict policy regarding the relevance of content presented on meetups. We do welcome sponsors as speakers, but not at the expense of relevance. Sponsors may present themselves and their organizations, have some marketing material handouts etc, but the presentation must rely on content relevant to the audience, and not on marketing & sales purposes. No sponsors or members in the group may use group messaging or mail to distribute sales or recruiting pitches to group members. We have turned down a large number of sponsors based on that.

The same principle goes for discussions in the group forum. I.e. sales pitches and recruiting is not OK here. This is a meetup for knowledge-sharing and networking, not for selling and recruiting. Members not respecting this will be notified and possibly excluded from the group and from meetup events. Discussions violating the rules regarding sales and recruiting will be deleted by admin.

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