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This group is for present and former agency owners and managers who’d like to discuss work-related questions with their peers over lunch on a regular basis.

Are you a freelancer? Check out our sister group. 

Topics include, but are not limited to, selling, marketing, project management and keeping customers happy and coming back. The group is an extension of an existing lunch group which has been going on for over two years.

This lunch network is limited to those who either are or have been agency owners or managers. We intend this group as a forum where you can meet peers to discuss problems that are related to leading or managing an agency. This group has a “what’s said during lunch stays there” policy so that members can raise sensitive if need be. This group is closed with restrictions on whom may join. This meetup happens on average every third Wednesday every month (subject to change).

NOTE: This meetup is about trust why it has a strict real-name and true profile policy. Applicants who do not enter a real name or do not fill in the profile will be rejected.
Freelancers and solo consultants may join the Stockholm Digital Freelancer Lunch Network

For more information and guidelines, please see the about page.

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