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Hobby horses - making your hobby an asset.
This meeting will be held during the spring. We can't set the exact date at the moment since some of the organisers haven't got their work/study schedules yet. We'll send out an announcement as soon as we are able to fix the date. Many of us spend time with various hobbies - crafts such as knitting, sewing, weaving, or gardening, or some sport, or working with animals, or role playing, or... We all learn things from our hobbies, and yet hobbies coded as "female" such as knitting are often not considered as an asset when we build our CVs or look for work - despite the fact that it requires careful attention to detail, analytic and abstract thinking, focus and concentration, which are all skills useful in the workplace. We want to talk about how we can use what we learn from our hobbies to advance ourself at work.

Init AB

Engelbrektsgatan 7, 2 tr · Stockholm

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    Geek Women Work är en del av Geek Women Unite ( ). Vi träffas för att skapa nätverk, lära av varandra och hjälpa varandra. På våra träffar kommer vi bl.a. att ha föredrag, hjälp med att skapa och förbättra CV, rekrytera och söka jobb, m.m. Om du är tjej eller ickebinär är du välkommen till oss! Om du däremot är en man som använder Meetup för att träffa kvinnor kommer du att bli utsparkad ur gruppen.

    Våra träffar hålls hos Init AB. Kontoret ligger i centrala Stockholm och det finns hiss, så det går bra att komma med rullstol eller andra rörelsehjälpmedel liksom med barnvagn.

    Geek Women Work is a part of Geek Women Unite ( We meet to create network, to learn from one another and to help each other. On our meetups we will have talks/lectures, help with creating and improving CVs, recruit and look for jobs, and much more. If you're a woman or non-binary/genderfluid, you are welcome to us! But if you are a man using Meetup to hit on women, you will be kicked out and banned.

    Our meetups are currently hosted by Init AB. Their offices have elevator access, so wheel chairs and other mobility aids as well as baby carriages can get in.

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