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Getting the most from the JVM using Java, Clojure, Kotlin & Groovy

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Talk 1: Handle real-time data processing on the JVM with Clojure

Presenter: Joe Nash, Developer Advocate at Braintree/PayPal

In this talk, Joe Nash, Developer Advocate at Braintree and PayPal company will explain why and when the use of the Clojure makes sense. He will give a brief introduction to this JVM language and the concepts of functional programming -- useful knowledge for any Java 8 programmer. He will go on to explain its use and in real-time, business critical systems that are in use at Braintree (part of PayPal).

Talk 2: Using Kotlin in an existing Java code base

Presenter: Travis Spencer, CEO at Twobo Technologies & Nordic APIs

In this presentation, Travis Spencer, founder and CEO of Twobo Technologies and Nordic APIs, will explain how to use the state-of-the-art programming language, Kotlin. In this all-code presentation, Travis will show how code base developed during the the December meetup can be converted to Jetbrain's new JVM language, Kotlin. He'll explain the language features that are included, and how this can make Java developers more productive using all the same tools and knowledge they already have.

Talk 3: Using Groovy to test the crap out of your Java code

Presenter: Renato Athaydes, Software Engineer at Twobo Technologies

In this talk, Renato Athaydes, Software Engineer at Twobo Technologies and the maintainer of the open source testing framework, Automaton, will explain how Groovy can be used to thoroughly test Java code. Hear from Renato about how this dynamic JVM programming language can be used to increase Java code coverage, find bugs quickly, and produce high quality code. Renato will share many secrets that will take the drudgery out of testing and inspire you to love it!