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“Customers are not interested in your solution. They are only interested in their problems.” So what job is your product or service solving? How does it make your customers' lives better? You've been learning about the Jobs To Be Done framework and are excited to start using it for your own products. Great! But … how do you actually do it?

How do we take what we've learned about our customers and convey it to the rest of our team & organisation? What if the rest of your team has never heard of Jobs To Be Done? What if they just wanted you to dump everything into Personas & User Stories … or ever worse … a product requirements document?

We want to exchange experiences with Stockholm partitioners. Which related tools are you using to understand and document your users’ Jobs To Be Done? How do you apply the framework in product definition, hypothesis validation and design execution? How do you sell it others? In this informal meetup we look forward to connect anyone who’s interested in the framework and learn from each other.


Some new members have unfortunately mistaken Job-to-be-done Stockholm for something completely different, i.e. a network, toolkit or way to get coaching for people looking for new jobs or freelance assignments. This is not the case.

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