ReactJS Meetup #5 at SVT

Stockholm ReactJS Meetup
Stockholm ReactJS Meetup
Public group

Sveriges Radio

Oxenstiernsgatan 20 · Stockholm

How to find us

We are borrowing space from Sveriges Radio for this event, entrance from Oxenstiernsgatan.

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Welcome to Sveriges Television and the November ReactJS-meetup!

For this event we are borrowing a studio from Sveriges Radio, we'll greet you at the main entrance of Radiohuset.


17.15 Doors open and food

We'll serve vegetarian food and kickass non-alcoholic beverages.

18.15 Writing noscript-websites with React, Fredrik Höglund @SVT

How do you build a React-application where not only the base pages, but also most functionality, work even if you turn off JavaScript? This talk explores server rendering all possible application-states, the motivations for doing it, the challenges that comes along with it and some patterns to solve those challenges.

~19.00 Mingle and "fika"

~19.30 A different kind of library, Oussama Zaki @Klarna

What if the React library could shrink into a 3KB library instead? It already happened and it's called Preact! This talk is split into 3 parts:

1. We will explore the factors that make Preact awesome compared to React, and also the tradeoffs you have to make by not using full React.
2. Preact-CLI and how to kick off your app.
3. Bonus for the curious, we will also dive deep into how the Virtual DOM and Component Model are implemented in Preact.

~20.15 Break

~20.30 Lightning talks

* 3 ways to make your app more accessible, Lisa Sterner @Netlight/SVT
* Semantic Release Awesomeness, Vladimir Starkov @Nordnet Bank
* (Slowly) adopting React Router, Fredrik Lindner @Epidemic Sound

~21.00 End

We will open the RSVP list a week and a half before the event (Friday 27th of October, at 12 pm). Mark it down in your calendar so you won't miss it! Last day for signups is the 3rd of November before 12pm.