What we're about

A group for current and future entrepreneurs and investors who aim to make lasting impacts on social matters.

Our aim is to create a networking channel for people interested to learn more, and share their ideas and experiences, with regards to social investing matters. Overall there exists a lack of awareness related to the benefits of socially investing as it is a fairly new field, and in its first years of development. Hence, we are firm believers that the future holds high opportunities with regard to these types of investments. Thus, we wanted to create an inclusive group with people who share the same opinions and beliefs and are willing to join us in this exciting and formidable journey!

So let’s gather and push its development forward.

Our research shows that currently, the concept of social investing lacks promotions and education of individuals. Thus, we aim to be able to come up with informative workshops, seminars and discussions through which those interested can acquire knowledge in the field and through those processes create a paradigm shift.

This is a great opportunity for networking with likeminded people for those interested in investing and/or entrepreneurship. If you are an investor( individual or organization), an entrepreneur, an aspiring entrepreneur, or simply have a vivid interest in the topic then this is the right networking channel for you.

Let’s think out of the box and find ways through which we would positively impact our communities, society, and environment by accessing current and potential resources!

If you have ideas, suggestions or you simply want to be one of the speakers in one of our next events, please contact us. We would be more than happy to discuss how we can contribute together!

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