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What we’re about

The vision of the Speculative Futures Chapter is to facilitate a space for discussion about future challenges and opportunities, and how we can envision, design, build or implement different alternative futures. We are facing massive global problems, and instead of responding to increased uncertainty with nearsighted solutions, we believe it is important to use future thinking and extended strategy to approach and explore more responsible and sustainable futures.

This meetup is for everyone interested in alternative futures, speculation and futures thinking! Our vision is to create an interdisciplinary platform for design industry, businesses, researchers, science fiction writers, activists, etc. on how we can use futures thinking to respond to current challenges and as a method of synthesis and extended strategy.

We'll be hosting speakers—practitioners, teachers, students, and other professionals who will be talking about work or methods in this topic. We'll also be hosting workshops which will allow you to learn how to conduct and apply futures thinking in creative or strategic practices.

This is the Stockholm Chapter of the Speculative Futures community founded in San Fransisco 2015.

We want to secure diverse and inclusive perspectives, in collaboration with local communities and partners, so please get in touch if you would like to take part!