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Bill for value, not for costs or time
If you're tired of billable hours, project time estimation and dissatisfied customers – this is the group for you! Value-pricing (or value-based pricing) offers an alternative to the ages-old billing for time. Value-pricing is based on the idea of charging customers for the value you create, not the time you use to produce the results. It results in higher turnover, satisfied customers, happier team members and better margins.
Attend our meetups to learn about value-pricing and exchange experiences and ideas.
This group is open to everyone who's interested in the topic of value-pricing, deals with it on a daily or weekly basis or wants to find ways to apply it in their own business.
Resources on value-based pricing:
Leancept blog (Swedish)
Leancept blog (English)

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Requirements to join
Our members take pricing and business seriously, why we make a few, but not major, requirements to join:
• You must use your own real name.

• You must have an up-to-date picture of yourself (not your pet or house).

• You must answer the memberships questions fully and ideally also use proper English (punctuation, spelling and grammar).

This group is about discussing ideas and helping each other
We want our members to be active participants who contribute to our meetings. Our meetings usually consist of a presentation and then a roundtable discussion of the ideas presented. We learn a lot from one another why active participation is expected.

No-show policy
"No-shows" are a nuisance to us organizers and make planning difficult and frankly also kills a lot of motivation. RSVP'ing "yes" and not showing up three times will lead to being removed from the group. Removed members may re-apply for membership again however we will consider their application carefully and a fee may have to be paid to join again. 

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