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End Of Year Meetup Mingle
Before the year ends SWP would like to invite all members to a meetup mingle at Espresso House at Odenplan! There is no planned agenda other than for members to meet, mingle and have fun before the Xmas holidays are upon us. This Meetup for Stockholm Water Photography is held together with the excellent Stockholm Creative People Meetup group! In fact, Misa, the groups organizer, has already made arrangements for this event with his group and after getting in touch with him we decided it would be fun to combine our groups :) For those unaware of Stockholm Creative People group is a great group for people of all creative fields, not just photography. Pls only rsvp yes to this event if you are planning to go. This event will be open from today onwards but as always, we only want members who actually plan to attend to sign up.

Espresso House Odenplan

Karlbergsvägen 10, 113 27 · Stockholm

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    Stockholm and its suburbs are mostly built on islands. It's a beautiful city with plenty of opportunities to capture great pictures. Of course, as the name indicates the focus of this group will be to include mälaren one way or another in all photos. You can go to the same place over and over again, and always walk away with widely different images depending on angles, time of day and weather.

    This group aims for like minded members to hike/explore together to not just find and share the best spots to photograph Stockholm and the archipelago from, but also help to decipher how to best utilize a location. The group is open for anyone interested in photography. It's an advantage to have an SLR but phone cameras work fine also.

    Stockholm Water Photography (SWP) has been around since 2015 and has since its foundation evolved greatly. Today SWP is one of Stockholm's oldest, largest, active and leading Meetup photography groups. They say that imitation is the highest form of compliment and if this is true, we are very flattered indeed! Over time we have noticed that our ideas and initiatives have been applied by others. At times held at near identical times to our own Meetups. Because of this we want to stress that all of our activities are our own, based on the hard work of our organizers and from the feedback/recommendations provided by active members. We never base our Meetup activities on any other groups.

    SWP has a great team of organizers but our activities and the overall experiences are only a great as those of the group. We are all-inclusive and actively encourage members to take an active role in our group activities. The more fun the group, the more fun the event ;) Over the years we have had the honor of holding a variety of cool activities. These range from photowalks to member photo exhibitions, meeting professional photographers and overnight camping trips.

    As a supplement to this page there is also a Stockholm Water Photography group on Facebook to share pics and discussions (with the same name). It's a closed group only for members of SWP on meetup. To join, send a request on FB and we will get you into the group asap. If you use a different (or just one) name on meetup as compared to facebook pls send us an email so we know who you are.

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