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The aim of this place is to bring people together, for C++ interested parties and enthusiasts, from C++ newbies to C++ veterans, for everyone who likes C++, particularly in Stockholm but also in Sweden.

For our meetups, additional to the meetup rules, we apply the Berlin Code of Conduct (http://berlincodeofconduct.org/) and we share the values of include-cpp (https://github.com/include-cpp/include).

Additional information about us and the other C++ user groups in Sweden can be found on the SwedenCpp homepage (https://www.swedencpp.se/) .

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Needs a location

We haven't come together for and in a coffee since more than one year. Time to do it again. Take a moment off from Christmas actions and have a coffee, or tea, maybe with some sweets, plus a C++ chat in a coffee in Stockholm Location will be announced soon, it will be some coffee in the city. If you have any suggestion for one that is especial nice, let us know!

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0x1b: Four talks to round up the 2019 presentation season

HiQ International AB

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