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Welcome to the Sweden C++, Stockholm 0x02, the C++ winter conference.
Enjoy interesting C++ presentations, C++ lightning talks, Pizza and something to drink!

This event is free but has limited places, therefore RSVP is required.
Please keep you RSVP up to date, this will help us with the organization of the meal and drinks. Thanks!

Sweden C++, Stockholm 0x02 schedule

17:45 - 18:00: Welcome mingel, find a seat

18:00 - 18:05: Opening note
A short info about #swedencpp and the conference

18:10 - 18:45: Jean Guegant: Compile-time type introspection using SFINAE
A gentle introduction to C++'s SFINAE feature and its associated template meta-programming techniques. This talk will start from the C++98's era and will progressively explain how SFINAE can be used to inspect members of a type, at compile. The presentation will lead to the creation of generic and elegant solution to that problem using the latest standard, namely C++17

18:50 - 19:45: Pizza, drinks and socializing

19:50 - 20:25: Gustaf Räntilä: Functional reactive programming with C++
During the last decades, we have seen a remarkable difference in the requirements for software. The need for massive concurrency or to handle parallelism is not rare anymore. Functional programming has seen a comeback partly because of this, but how is that applicable to C++? With functional reactive programming, concurrency (and parallelism) is a piece of cake, and we don't need manual synchronisation such as mutexes and semaphores. Meanwhile, the code will look better than ever, be easier to read, easier to test and safer in terms of exception handling...

20:30 - 21:00: Lightning talks

Paul Dreik: Structured bindings FTW
The C++ standard proposal P0081R0 suggests adding a sincos function to C++. This proposal will be used as an example of how C++17 structured bindings can make code much more readable and elegant.

Harald Achitz: Embed sqlite3 with modern C++
Performance, security and convenience. How to get all three when you talk to a sqlite3 database in a modern C++ application.

Björn Fahller: BASIC C++
A nostalgic revisit to simpler times (or maybe false memories there of?)

We are looking forward to see you!

This event is sponsored by Tritech ( who kindly provides the meeting space, the equipment and the Pizza!

This event is also sponsored by JetBrains ( who will kindly provide a CLion ( license for speakers at this event.

We will have a kind of raffle, therefore some event visitor will also receive a JetBrains ( CLion ( license.