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C++ Stockholm 0x09, new year opening

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God fortsättning and welcome to our first event in 2018!

First of all, I am very happy that with Atlas Copco,, SwedenCpp has a new event sponsor! We are all looking forward visiting this, for us, new location, this is very exiting.

We will have our usual 0x format, 17:30 - 21:00 which is:
0.5 hour welcome mingle
1 hour talks
1 hour food break
1 hour talk.
As always, timings are approximately and will adopt.

The program for the evening in detail:
Arvid Norberg: "Integers in C++"
The talk covers common misunderstood semantics of integer arithmetic with some simple rules of thumb for minimizing mistakes. It covers the arithmetic operators, integer overflow and integral promotion rules.
. Arvid is a C++ veteran of 20 years, with an affinity for distributed systems and works for a block chain startup in California. On the side he maintains a C++ Bittorrent client.
Björn && Jean: "Meeting Meeting C++ - two trip reports merged"
Two of our members who have visited Meeting C++ will share with us their experience and why visiting such events is valuable and fun. This talk aims to be interactive, and will end with an open discussion which will lead us into the break.
Break, mingel, ...
Björn Fahller: "Higher order functions for ordinary developers"
Higher order functions, i.e. functions that accept functions as parameters, or return functions, are not used much by C++ developers, except for the occasional call to standard algorithms. This session will show some simple techniques for writing your own, that will lift the level of abstraction in your programs, making code easier to read while reducing code duplication, and maintaining performance.
. Björn has spent most of his career writing software for communications devices. As a senior developer for Net Insight, this is done in well tested and
increasingly modern C++.
Jean Guegant: "Meta Crush Saga: A C++17 compile-time game."
Meta Crush Saga is a game pet project made to explore the new metaprogramming features available (if-constexpr, constexpr lambdas...) in C++17 in a fun way. This match-three game has the nice property to run its main loop solely during compile-time and therefore being blazing fast at runtime. It also proves how far C++ has push the technical boundaries of compile-time computations. Jean will explain his discoveries, tips and hacks, from that project."
. Jean has a keen interest for C++, game-programming and networking. He also always appreciates reading a nice piece of template metaprogramming poetry.

Thanks to all who made this event possible and Atlas Copco for having us!

Väl mött!