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C++ Stockholm 0x0A, ACCU preview and more

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We will again visit a - for us - new location and meet at the NYX Gaming Group office in Stockholm.
Thanks a lot NYX Gaming Group ( for hosting this SwedenCpp event! At this evening, we will be the first who sees Björn's upcoming ACCU presentation, and after a break we will follow Arvid on an adventure with nothrow movable types.

We will start at 18:00 with the talks. The first session will last a little bit longer as usual, therefor we will have a little bit later and shorter mingle and food break before the second session starts.

• The program:

• Björn Fahller: Type safe C++ – LOL! :-),
So called "strong types", genuinely type safe alternatives to "typedef:s" are often seen as a way to prevent bugs, but they can also be used to improve clarity in your code, and even increase performance. It is underappreciated how strong the type safety guarantees in C++ are, because it takes knowledge and a bit of discipline to make use of it.
In this session, I give motivating examples for why strong types are good, and present some of the techniques for creating them. The simplest techniques requires no library support, but I will also show some more sophisticated solutions from open source libraries available on github. We will go through what happens with both production code and test code when you use them, and also discuss the pros and cons of the different approaches.

Björn has spent most of his career writing software for communications devices. As a senior developer for Net Insight, this is done in well tested and
increasingly modern C++

• Break / Mingel

• Arivd Norberg: Adventure with nothrow movable types,
In this talk I will share the lessons learned from implementing a container supporting move only types. It includes practical advise on making your movable types more efficient, with motivating examples, as well as the state of common standard library types.

Arvid is a C++ veteran of 20 years, with an affinity for distributed systems and works for a block chain startup in California. On the side he maintains a C++ Bittorrent client.

Thanks to all who make this event possible and NYX Gaming Group for having us!

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