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0x11: C++ lightning talk sessions && speaking @ CppCon

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Remember the lightning talk cookie raffle from September? Now it is time to have our talks!!
(Note: If you are a speaker at this event, please read the info at the end of the announcement)

Welcome to StockholmCpp 17u,
I am happy to tell you that this time we will visit a, for us, new location.
We will be at the Berotec office next to Pampas Marina, close to the water.
Thanks a lot Berotec,, for hosting this event!

The program part will begin shortly after 18:00, but doors open already earlier.

We will start the evening with a short field report from Arno about his speaker experiences at CppCon. Arno gave a lightning and a regular talk and will tell us how it is and feels to speak at such an event.

After a break we will run the 3 to 8 minute lightning talks.
The topics in the fortune cookies have been these:

1. Horror Story / A Nasty Bug I Had
2. A Cool [Non-GoF] Design Pattern
3. What [I wish] My Mentors [Had] Told Me
4. Good/Bad Interview Questions
6. A Cool/Interesting Algorithm
7. A Little Known C++ Feature (class enum, override, final, delegating ctors...)
8. Coding Style Guide: My [Company's] Recommendations
9. Debugging Tips
10. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace ____________

Anyone can present any topic wanted, so it will be exciting to see what the actual program will be.
If you did not get an fortune cookie but want to give a talk, this is also perfectly fine!

Everything is very loosely organized.
Last time I checked we had already 12 volunteers so I am looking forward to an exciting and interesting evening.

If you want to give an lighting talk and are not in direct contact with me, please contact me!

No fear, no doubts: Test your speaker skills, this is the right evening!

After this meetup I hope we have seen some new speakers and that even more persons became hungry to speak at one at our future events!

Väl mött!

* If you speak, please come to the location before 18:00 so we can do some testing. I will be there from 17:00.
If you are late we can also do some testing also during the break, before the lighting talk session.

* Technical information:
If you give a presentation, it is best if you can submit / bring it as a pdf, or it is accessible via a browser. This way all speakers can present from the same notebook and switching from one speaker to the next will be as easy as possible.
If you need any information about how to produce a pdf from , say from power point, let me know.
If you have other technical requirements, or want to present from your notebook, this is also perfectly fine, but you need to show up to the tech test before the meetup starts.
In case of any questions, please contact me.