Xmas 18u: delegates && static analysis && the Xmas coding dojo

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Järnvägsgatan 10 · 172 35 Sundbyberg

How to find us

The door between the shopping area and the pub

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Welcome to the last SwedenCpp::Stockholm event - in 2018.
I am super happy to be able to present an exciting program for this evening. And what a program!

We will meetup at the cozy and warm atmosphere at Tritech Technologies. Thanks a lot https://www.tritech.se/ for hosting this StockholmCpp Xmas 18 event!

The evening will start with 2 short talks, followed by a coding dojo.
Bring your notebooks if you want to join the coding dojo session and solve some problems!

The program for StockholmCpp Xmas 18:

* 17:30 - Doors open
* 18:00 - 18:45 Talks
* 18:45 - 21:00: Food, drink and coding for the rest of the evening!


The program in detail:

* Mikael Rosbacke: Embedded friendly std::function alternative
Mikael is a senior expert for C++ on embedded devices and will share some interesting ideas about functions in general and how to create an embedded suitable function adapter.

* Daniel Marjamäki: A lightning talk about static analysis
Daniel is the main author of cppcheck and will hold the lightning talk he could not hold at our previous event about static code analysis.

* The Xmas coding dojo: please help fixing 24 failing unit tests

Are you familiar with std::algorithm?
Yes, fine, validate how good you are.
If not, this is a great way to get started!

There are 24 failing unit tests, all can be solved with the help of std::algorithm.
You have 2 hours time solve as many as you want or can.
No competition, but I will find a way to draw out JetBriains licenses between the participants.
There might even be a special coding problem from those who want something different.

You will need a notebook, a C++11 or newer compiler, and cmake.
(The usage of cmake is optional but recommended, all tests are single file compilation units)


Väl mött!