The unplanned @Paradox: The State of Package Management in C++

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We were already afraid there will be no meetup for us this month, but thanks to Mathieu will have a meetup in February with an exciting main topic!
Thanks a lot to Paradox Interactive ( for hosting this meetup!
We are looking forward visiting this, for us, new location and learn more about a leading global publisher of strategy games for PC!

OBS: Hard limit of 50 seats, please take your RSVP serious and keep the status up to date!

The main topic for the evening:

* Mathieu Ropert The State of Package Management in C++

Package management was considered one of the hottest and crucial topics in the last 2 years. In 2017, Bjarne Stroustrup himself said this was a something we needed to solve to keep students interested in C++.
Where do we stand today, in 2019? Join me for a tour of the topic, including:
* A look at which tools we currently have, with a focus on Conan and VCPKG
* What challenges we still have to overcome
* How you can make your software easier to package and reuse

Mathieu is a French C++ expert working on (somewhat) historical video games. Decided to upgrade his compiler once and has been blogging about build systems ever since. Past speaker at CppCon, Meeting C++ and ACCU. Used to run the Paris C++ User Group. Currently lives in Sweden.


Lightning talk by Stefan Petersen:
Book review of "Real-Time C++, second edition" by Christopher Kormanyos.

More details to come ....

Väl mött!